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White kitchen with blue-green hexagonal backsplash tile

Stone Mosaic Guest Bath

A beautiful, spa-like guest bath with unique mosaic style stone floor and walk-in shower accented by a floor to ceiling glass partition wall.

Project Type

Bathroom Remodel



Project Highlights

Zero-Theshold Shower

With a zero-threshold shower the stone floor of the bathroom is continuous throughout! The shower floor slopes slightly to allow water to drain, but is basically undetectable.

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Wall

The architectural glass creates a partial wall from floor to ceiling to prevent water splashing outside of the shower area while allowing plenty of light and a unique feature.

Mosaic Style Floor

Thanks to the zero-threshold shower, this unique stone floor allows for a natural flowing design from wall to wall. Complimentary materials create a unique design that is both functional and durable.

Floating Shelves

Two small floating shelves are a great accent in a guest bath as it allows for easily accessible items such as hand towels, or a great place for decorative items without compromising countertop space.

Stone Countertop, Glass Shower, Floor-to-Ceiling, Zero-Threshold Shower, Stone Flooring, Single Vanity, Doorless Shower, Walk-In Shower, Decorative Architectural Glass

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