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We’re often asked what’s trending in kitchens right now. Ten or fifteen years ago there was a definitive answer, but today what’s in style is a kitchen that reflects you! Your kitchen is the heart of your home -- it’s a cliché for a reason.


With ever growing popularity in the great room, this space has transformed into not only the space you prepare meals for yourself and loved ones, but a space where we are often entertaining, working/planning, dinning, gathering, even helping with homework.


We live a lot of our lives in this space, making it all worth the while to ensure it reflects you and feels good to you. A plethora of options at your finger tips has transformed design and eliminated the cookie cutter molds. At EK&B we bring value by helping you discover and design your perfect space by combining our expertise and your creativity.


Please browse our Kitchen Portfolio, take note of the features you’re drawn to, and share with us!


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